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 Depending on your needs you may qualify for residential or commercial services. There is no down payment required, plus the interest rate is as low as 1.4%. And it keeps getting better, the government will give tax credit to everyone who switches to solar energy, plus panel solar systems are tax exempt. There is no reason for you not to change to a sustainable way of living.


Making your home green with solar energy is an investment for you and your family's future. You can expect to save an average of $1,693 per year in Texas. Saving money from your bill to your pocket from day one after installment and getting tax credits. Going solar increases your property value and helps avoid rising energy costs. Phoenix Solar Solution is the best way meet your renewable energy needs.

Solar photovoltaic panels on a house roof.jpg

In Phoenix Solar Solutions we care  for your company. Solar Power reduces your operating cost and gives you control over energy bills. It is an investment that will give you a great return by increasing the value of your property and receiving tax credits and bonus depreciation. With Solar Panels being more affordable than ever, today is the moment to invest in the future of your company. By doing so you support the local economy and improve your brand with a greener image.

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